Route Name Already Exist In route Collection Exception

Aug 3, 2010 at 3:16 PM


I got the following exception while using RiaLibrary.Web

"The Route Name Already Exist In The Route Collection. The Route Name Must Be Unique"

I did'nt use that name before but it throws exception. Following is my global.asax


public static void RegisterRoutes( RouteCollection routes )
            routes.IgnoreRoute( "{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}" );

            routes.MapRoutes();// Register Attribute Based Routes which the current assembly contains

                    controller = "Site",
                    action = "Home",
                    id = UrlParameter.Optional

        protected void Application_Start()

            RegisterRoutes( RouteTable.Routes );


I try to route as follows

[Url("Members/Get", Name="GetAllMembers")]

public ActionResult GetMembers()




[Url("Members/Get/{id}", Name = "GetMember")]

public ActionResult GetMembers(string id)



When i access the url compiler throws GetMember already exists in route table.

But If i removed the Name attribute property of GetMember every thing works fine.

Did i missed anything here????